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is an online investigative news site founded and published by award-winning Producer/Investigative Journalist Eric Longabardi. The site was named Best Online Website by the LA Press Club in 2008. 

Eric Longabardi is a national award winning broadcast producer and investigative journalist with a career spanning nearly two decades.  Longabardi has reported extensively on a wide variety issues related to the US. Defense Department's research into biological and chemical weapons over the years.  He has also reported extensively on the FBI 'Amerithrax" investigation of Dr. Bruce Ivins, the Fort Detrick, Maryland biowarfare scientist the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claims was the person responsible for mailing Anthrax letters which killed five people and sickened 17 others in 2001.  Longabardi was the first journalist to disclose the movements and detail the "window of opportunity" of Dr. Ivins on the dates the Anthrax letters were mailed and detail his whereabouts at the Fort Detrick Laboratory where he worked during the dates in question.

The nine batches of emails provided to governmentattic.org by TheEnterpriseReport.com and made available here were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by journalist Eric Longabardi beginning on January 22, 2009.


  The Release letter: DrBruceIvinsEmail_ReleaseLetter.pdf 92 KB
  Email Batch One: DrBruceIvinsEmail_One.pdf 7.1 MB
  Email Batch Two: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Two.pdf 224 KB
  Email Batch Three: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Three.pdf 317 KB
  Email Batch Four: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Four.pdf 224 KB
  Email Batch Five: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Five.pdf 179 KB
  Email Batch Six: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Six.pdf 185 KB
  Email Batch Seven: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Seven.pdf 199 KB
  Email Batch Eight: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Eight.pdf 272 KB
  Email Batch Nine: DrBruceIvinsEmail_Nine.pdf 381 KB
  All above material in one PDF: DrBruceIvinsEmail_All.pdf 6.2 MB


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